XVIII Aragon Cooking and Pastry Competition Lorenzo Acín

3 Claveles sponsors the cooking competition

On Monday 10th May, the XVIII Aragón Cooking and Pastry Competition was held, where 6 participants competed for the award to the Best Cook of Aragon 2021

The event was organised by the ACA (Association of Chefs from Aragon), and was held in the Aura hotel resort, in Zaragoza.

After a break in the competition last year due to the pandemic, the cooking competition is back with a strong start in 2021 and with many new ideas, including the preparation of a second dish using a "surprise basket of ingredients". 

The event was held without an audience due to the restrictions, but with a great success in streaming.

The good knowledge of the food and the technique by the participants was remarkable.

Congratulations to the winners Oscar Vuniales and Ramón Lapuyade.

Thanks to all the participants for bringing us closer to the gastronomy of the Aragon region.

Participants of the competition in the kitchens
Chefs' dishes
Competition prizes
Winners of the competition

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