These projects will be financed from the allocations provided for in the budget programmes of the Economic Development Agency, and from the corresponding budget applications of the La Rioja Operational Programme FEDER (2014 - 2020) and will be incorporated into the La Rioja Operational Programme FEDER 2014-2020.

GRANT 2018-I-IDD-00034

“Digital Plan 4.0”

Granted: 08/10/2020


Integral digitalisation that allows us to achieve greater efficiency and competitivity in:

- Processes and factory organisation

- Integration and communication between machines and design

- Customer relationship

- Company management

- Staff management


The main innovation of the proposed action is the integral digital transformation in the management of the different processes of Bueno Hermanos, from the production process to strategic decision-making, including document management and relationship with customers.

GRANT 2021-P-INP-00062 - “Bueno Hermanos Investments 2021”

“Programme of investment projects promoted by SMEs”

Granted: 08/10/2022


- Installation of forging hammer

- Chemical products warehouse

Objectives and results achieved:

- Increase in manufacturing capacity

- Reduction of manufacturing time and costs

- Increase in storage capacity for chemical products

This company has received a co-financed support by the European Regional Development Fund for the project to carry out the following actions "CHEMICAL PRODUCTS WAREHOUSE AND NEW FORGING HAMMER FACILITY, from the La Rioja Operational Programme FEDER 2014-2020 and specifically with additional funds as part of the European Union's response to the COVID-19 pandemic.