3 Claveles novelties in gastronomy knives and steak knives

Cuchillos 3 Claveles Polar

Polar, Oslo and Eos are the new 3 Claveles collections of gastromomy knives and steak knives.

Gastronomy knives 3 Claveles Polar

Polar is a collection of forged knives with a practical white handle. The colour and design of these knives add style to the kitchen as well as a good cut.

  • Paring knife 9 cm. Cleans, peels and cuts small fruits and vegetables.
  • Kitchen knife 13 cm. It's a versatile knife for cleaning, slicing and chopping vegetables.
  • Santoku knife 17,5 cm. The Asian kitchen knife for preparing meat, fish and vegetables.
  • Chef's knife 20 cm. The versatile knife used by professional chefs to clean, cut and chop vegetables.
  • Bread knife 20 cm. With serrated edge for cutting clean slices.
Cuchillo verduras 3 Claveles Polar Cuchillo chef 3 Claveles Polar

Gastronomy knives 3 Claveles Oslo

The 3 Claveles Oslo knives collection offers the comfort and warmth of walnut wood in a handle with rounded shapes without rivets.

  • Paring knife 9 cm.
  • Kitchen knife 13 cm.
  • Santoku knife 17,5 cm.
  • Chef's knife 20 cm.
  • Bread knife 20 cm.
Cuchillos 3 Claveles Oslo

Meat knives 3 Claveles Eos

A set of steak knives that features a smooth edge and a wenge wood handle.

The set includes 4 knives for grilled meat or other food with a blade of 11.5 cm.

Cuchillos 3 Claveles Eos

Other news

 3 Claveles Takumi knives

3 Claveles elegant and soft touch knives

3 Claveles Takumi is a new collection of knives with a curved blade and hammered finish.

3 Claveles - Bueno Hermanos, S.A.

A new step towards sustainability

The new photovoltaic system allows us to save on self-consumption and CO2 emissions.

3 Claveles at Ambiente 2023

Ambiente is back in force in 2023

And of course we have been there showing the latest 3 Claveles novelties.

Cookware 3 Claveles

New cookware collection of frying pans and casseroles.

3 Claveles frying pans and casseroles made of cast aluminium, forged aluminium and recycled press