After the break due to the pandemic, we return to Alimentaria – Hostelco.

3 Claveles at Alimentaria – Hostelco

We have enjoyed sharing the latest 3 Claveles products with professionals from the hotel and food industry.

Alimetaria - Hostelco is a reference in the food sector, and after the forced break due to the pandemic, we wanted to enjoy again sharing with our customers the latest novelties and outstanding 3 Claveles articles in knives, scissors and utensil, such as Tokyo knives, Ocean kitchen shears, steak knives and ham holders.

Japanese inspiration is visible in the Tokyo knives that combine comfort and high cutting performance. The yanagiba, deba and usuba have a the Edge on one side, and a lifoflex handle for a better grip. Safe and precise cut.

Ocean kitchen shears are the result of a meticulous design of all their parts. Ergonomics, easy and efficient cutting and hygiene are some of the aspects taken into account in their development. A titanium nitride coating gives the ocean blue colour to these high durability shears with high cutting performance, suitable for all types of food in the food, meat and fish industry.

 3 Claveles Tokyo professional knives 3 Claveles professional kitchen shears 3 Claveles steak knives 3 Claveles folding rotating ham holder

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